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1. In 2004-2007, the exclusive sponsor of Guangdong Hongyuan Promalks Basketball Team, who won the champion consecutively, in the CBA First-Division Basketball League in China. 

2. The exclusive sponsor of Guangdong Hongyuan Promalks Club, which was the first to invite European famous players such as Boll (German) and dark horse Metz (Danish) setting off a whirlwind in China’s table tennis circles, in CTTSL. 

3. In 2005, the sponsor of Guangdong Ping-Pong Team headed by Ma Lin and Liu Guozheng; Guangdong Basketball Team consisting of Yi Jianlian, Zhu Fangyu, Du Feng, Wang Shipeng and national champions; and Guangdong Baseball Team, which performed well, in the 10th national games.

4.  The exclusive sponsor of “Promalks” Cup 4th University Basketball Association of Guangdong. 

5. Exclusive sponsor of MSC Co., Ltd.; cooperation with Huang Weiming, the father of Pleasant Goat, in directing and producing Happy Baby, a long brand animation series. The company regarding “spread happiness everywhere” as its creative concept is devoted to creating Chinese animation and has won almost all of the Chinese animation awards.

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